Wealth Management


Wealth Management

As a client at Oita Sumitomo Corporate you have access to a dedicated team of wealth planners, who provide tailored advice and solutions designed around you, and your family.

We represent our customers the great advantage to deal with a devoted wealth management group, ready to offer personalized assistance and strategies focused on you and your family.

Realising your ambitions

We know at Oita Sumitomo Corporate that each individual is different and there are many particulars we should take into account. All the customers that come to us have a distinctive list of goals - be that increasing the heritage for their household, arranging their retirement earnings or reducing the tax impact on their investments.

Collaborating with our clients and making their preferences our duties allows us to transform their ideas into reality and provide them with long lasting and self-sufficient strategies for their objectives.

Specialist guidance on estate and succession planning

We are able to assist you in refocusing your money, from estate planning to asset protection in advanced regulatory environments, for example using systems like trusts.

Planning for your retirement

The current trends in the developed world demonstrate that there is a growing ageing population that can one day put more social costs and pressure on governments in the future, which may in turn have an impact on taxation. Thus, it would be smart to develop a fund to improve your pension, and our team is ready to help you with it.

How our wealth advisors work with you

We help our customers find peace of mind and sleep well at night. In turn, our clients entrust us with their funds to achieve protection from volatility within the financial markets. We will assist you whether you are a prosperous businessperson, a successful individual or an agent working on behalf of a wealthy family.